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    Srikanth Mehata, National Traveller Leisure Holidays
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Forward itinerary in 60 seconds

Forget cut, copy and paste. Just forward the best-suited itinerary to any number of customers instantly with or without cost. Also, get a notification through SMS once customer reads the itinerary. The buyer can select from the existing packages with only transportation or hotels based on the customer needs.

Get A to Z of travel industry

Tralgy is the world's first and only B2B platform where all buyers would be 'HAPPY TO BUY' since everything related to travel industry would be available in one place. Be it travel package, transportation or hotel. You can also buy an international SIM card, travel insurance, book activities and so much more.

Guaranteed growth of 30%

The main focus of Tralgy is GROWTH. We want to help each and every one of our partners to grow in terms of visibility, accessibility, customer satisfaction and revenue. We believe that mutual growth is essential for a healthy and lifetime partnership.

Packages for around the world with 100% verified and genuine BUYERS and SELLERS.

Vision of Tralgy

"Digital Tourism" is the vision of Tralgy and we are committed to empowering the local travel agents by connecting them with travel agents across the globe through our intelligently built software solutions.

Next step towards our vision TRALGY has bulit a B2B Platform where travel agents or DMC's can BUY and SELL any travel-related product/services across the globe. Tralgy is beyond boundaries and languages. We believe that working together and working hand in hand to build a platform on trust and transparency.

Our Clients

Over 1500 DMC and B2B travel agents have technified their agency by joining tralgy.