1.Can I customise a package in tralgy?
Ans: Yes, you can customise the package with intelligent validation helping you.

2. Is the cost automatically calculated?
Ans: Yes, the cost is instantly calculated.

3. Can I edit profit before sending the package?
Ans: Yes, profit can be edited before sending the package but you must have the permission to edit it.

4. Can I keep a track of my follow-ups and schedule them?
Ans: Yes, follow-up management in tralgy is one of the best features available that allows you to schedule, track, set an auto reminder and our advanced algorithm will further help you in classifying the leads.

5. Can I hide customer contact details from employees?
Ans: Yes, you can give/deny permission to any of you employees to view the contact details of the customer.

6. Can I use the software on mobile and tablet?
Ans: Yes you can use it in mobile as well as the tablet, our complete website is responsive and can adapt to any device.

7. Do you have a mobile app?
Ans: We have a mobile app that is available on android, windows and ios devices. It will keep you updated about each tour in detail.

8. How can I get registered in tralgy?
Ans: You can fill the Join Us form by clicking on the registration link and we will contact you with further details.

9. Is the software chargeable? How much is installation or set-up fee?
Ans: tralgy does not charge any one time fee or maintainence charges.You will only have to pay as you use, just like your cellphone.