Follow-Up & Lead Management

Successful travel agents never give up on their customers, their mantra for successful sales is follow-Ups, follow-Ups and follow-Ups. With our advanced follow up and lead management system you will never lose a customer.

It also keeps all your customer details handy and ready to use in seconds.

  • Automated alerts – You’ll never miss a follow-up.

  • Automated follow-up emails and SMS sent to your customers.

  • Get only verified leads. Lead & follow-up Quality score.

  • Follow up and lead history, lead reports etc.

Itinerary Management

“Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai” – Your itinerary is your first impression and you definitely don’t want it to be bad. With our end to end itinerary solution send attractive itineraries to your customers with lightning speed. What’s more? The itineraries are beautiful, attractive, informative and interactive too with like, dislike, call my agent, feedback and notification options on the itinerary page.

  • Create itineraries and send it to the customers with just a few clicks.

  • Edit packages/itineraries.

  • Save customised packages as favourite and use it to save time.

  • Choose from 3 different itineraries: Basic, Classic & Smart.

  • Add custom activities & add-ons and customise using our dynamic software.

Employee Management & Admin Settings

Your employees are the ones who run your company and tralgy employee management module helps you manage them better.

We believe in 'happy employee and happier customers' and introduced so many tools for employees, to make their day to day work easy and simpler, now they can let go their calculators, manual reminders and Word files.

  • Assign ground staff to customers-Automated SMS and alerts.

  • Employee reports – Feedback, sales report, follow up report, conversion etc.

  • Automated mails, SMS to Hotels & vendors – Confirmation, booking, availability.

B2B Window

tralgy’s latest module 'B2B Window'- A must have tool for all the B2B travel agents who supply customers to DMCs. You can send a package request to the local travel agent of your choice, only the package details will be sent to your supplier, all details regarding the customer will be hidden.

  • Custom Markup tool- Both automatic & manual.

  • Lead encryption -DMCs can’t steal your customers.

  • Automatically add your logo & company details to the itinerary sent by the local travel agent.

  • Manage B2B agents- Payments, tours, credit and accounts.

  • Send editable itineraries to B2B agents Automatically add their logo, name.

Branding & Customer Service

Boost your conversion rate and scale up your business. Partnering with us will create a trust among your customers. Our interactive itinerary, automated emails, SMS along with your ‘on-journey’ customer service will make sure that the customer is 100% satisfied.

  • Impress your customers with attractive and technologically smart itineraries.

  • Automated emails/SMS- Confirmation, Welcome, To-Do list, Ground Staff details, Feedback forms and all other necessary details.

  • Notification via SMS/mail when the customer is viewing your article- No more I’m in a meeting excuse.

Reports, Analytics and Accounts

Doing everything manually is a thing of past, with tralgy you can also manage your accounts and get detailed analytics of your agency, making tralgy a complete solution for travel agents.

You can compare your employee performance, which package gives you more profit and take the right steps to improve your business.

  • Manage your accounts, profits, total revenue and employee salaries.

  • Detailed reports of your sales and feedback accumulation.

  • Analyse your profits – Employee wise, package wise, number of nights wise etc.

  • Detailed feedback form sent to your customers for self and internal assessment.