Top Cities To Visit In South Africa


If there is going to be a country held synonymous to the word Everything, South Africa will jump readily to mind. The Rainbow Nation truly encompasses the spirit of nature’s melting pot with a markedly gentler climate and an endless coastline of blue-green waters to soothe your tired soul as it whisks you away to gripping safaris and pristine capped hills set against sprawling seasonal flowerbeds. And if the landscape isn’t already enthralling enough to sweep you off your feet, add to that its rich assortment of culture, top off with a generous dash of nightlife and a throw in a slice of the Bohemian experience – South Africa makes for a captivating cocktail.

Cape Town


Cape Town is both a traveler’s evening delight and a tourist’s daydream. With the distinctly balmy Mediterranean climate that this city has to offer, sightseeing becomes a breezy experience whether you choose to begin your day with the signature Table Mountains and catch the Aerial Cable-way which offers a breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view of the city or embark mid-morning on to one of its many beaches. Every beach in Cape Town is uniquely nestled in the lap of nature such that each not only offers a different landscape, but also contrastingly-tempered waters with the colder Atlantic Seaboard coasts on one side and the warmer False Bay on the other. Shoppers can find their own havens at the dock-side popular markets such as the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, while the city’s redolent architectural Heritage resting in suburban sites like Constantia will satiate those with an appetite for history.



Basking in the warmth of its Gold Rush and flourishing in the wake of an ever-increasing urban sprawl, this sunny metropolis offers an eclectic blend of Art, History, Culture and Bohemia. The hallmark appeal of Gold Reef City is not just its theme-park rides but also the vibrant tours it offers into the glistening, quintessential past of Jozi. As do the multitudes of Museums and places of historical interest such as the Constitution Hill, Apartheid Museum, Wits Art Museum and the Liliesleaf Farm. While the Art-fancying traveler in Johannesburg can feel safely assured about being rewarded with a rich pallet of Art Galleries viz-a-viz the Gallery Momo, The David Kruts Project and Spaza Art Gallery among many others, the thrill-seeking free spirits will feel at home in the buzzing nightlife and avant-gardist atmosphere down at the multi-cultural districts of Maboneng, Newtown and the famously outlandish suburbs of Melville.



The sultry city of Durban has earned itself a deservedly stellar reputation not only for the thronging, resonant nightlife that we have come to know it for but also at the credit of its heady mix of luxurious hotels, blue-star beaches, gargantuan shopping centers, cross-cultural hubs and resplendent nature reserves. The Golden Mile, a sand-peppered stretch home to the grand Beach Promenade encrusted with sapphire-hued waters is both a surfer’s paradise and a gateway stopover to the dreamy uShaka Marine World and the immensely popular Moses Mabhida Stadium. Those looking to immerse in a little cultural flavor will be delighted to visit the Indian Quarter while nature-seekers can have a field day at the Durban Botanical Gardens and the Umgeni River Bird Park housing some 200 of the rarest bird species on the continent.

Port Elizabeth


If the bustle of Durban leaves you reeling, the windy hospitality of the city of Port Elizabeth will be an ideal spot for you to rest your heels and breathe in the beachy air of some of the cleanest beaches in the world. Replete with Nature Reserves such as the Cape Recife and Safari destinations like the Kragga Kamma Game Park, Port Elizabeth is also as much about guilty indulgences such as premium leisure resorts, fine-dining restaurants, specialty boutiques and cosmopolitan cafes catering to the vacationing family and the lone traveler alike.



Whether you are a Sports Aficionado or a seeker of the wild, the city of Nelspruit will definitely figure on your itinerary for its splendidly diverse offerings. It serves as the base camp for the massive Kruger National Park which is one of the largest Game Reserves in Africa all thanks to its heavy abundance of Flora and Fauna. While on one hand the city boasts of an active sports scene with its many Stadiums, the other hand has this quaint little retreat springing you with the whirlwind evening temptations of its colorful casinos like the extravagant Emnotweni.

From comfort for the weary traveler, fulfillment for the connoisseur soul, to stimulation for the thrill-seeker, South Africa is one enough for all and all enough for one. If it is a potent dose of happiness and wonder wrapped in the therapeutic fabric of nature that you’re looking for, this is where you should already be!

Top cities to visit in Mexico

Top cities to visit in Mexico

Mexico, with a lesser known official name – the United Mexican States, boasts a rich history of diverse civilizations, folkloric traditions and heritage food with 68 official languages providing testimony for the same. This country which introduced everybody’s favorite – chocolates to the world, boasts of the Great Pyramid of Cholula which, being the largest monument in the world, hold utmost importance. The cherry on top of all attractions which makes this country top travel destination for us is the fact that it has 30% Indian population with other 60% Indian-Spanish assuring a cozy stay.

So if you have this fascinating place at the top of your travel list, here is the compilation of cities customized for every traveler to make it an unforgettable experience.



To start with, we have the capital, Mexico City which collectively covers all aspects which the country has to offer. Being one of largest cities in the world, it is by far the most populated city in North America. It’s the perfect blend of cultures and the contemporary modernity. Apart from its cultural dexterity, it is also the financial center of Mexico, contributing around 16% in overall GDP of Mexico.  Having tons of monuments and archaeological areas, still breathing the aroma from the Aztec times, it leaves the visitors spellbound during the day.

The nightlife potent enough to make anyone envious, with restaurants serving splendid Mexican cuisine playing light music from the likes of Trios, rock, blues, Salsa, Merengue bundled up with the beaches turned into an epitome of beauty at night, giving way to rediscover oneself is something which makes the city irresistible. With so much to offer under the cover this city something for everyone and hence at the top of our list.

ACAPULCO: The Nightlife Capital


If glitz and glamour are what attracts you, this is the place to satisfy the party animal within. Sitting 380kms to the south of Mexico City, Acapulco is known for a vast number of nightclubs, restaurants, casinos, poolside bars which makes it a place to socialize, drink, dance and relax. Beautiful beaches during the day and clubbing at night have always been attracting the youth for decades now. Stop by at this high-energy party town and feel young again.

GUADALAJARA: Culture and Food capital


This city will give you the “Mexican feel” if it’s what you crave for. With deep-rooted Mexican culture and tradition, colonial-style architecture, and savory authentic food, this is the place. Dishes like spicy Birria seasoned with chili peppers, tortas ahogadas covered in tomato sauce, pozole soup and dessert biónico will surely tickle your appetite. If you happen to visit the city in the month of September, it can offer a whole new experience as it hosts International Gastronomy Festival showcasing international cuisine with a multitude of restaurants, cafe, bars and cafes taking part along with beer, wine and tequila producers.

The motherland of Mariachi music, the discovery of which is dated back in 1907, it still celebrates the Mariachi festival annually. The host city of quite a few ballet companies, presenter of International Film Festival of Guadalajara, anchor of Guadalajara International Book Festival this city has been righteously accredited as the hub of art and culture attracting people from Mexico and abroad.



Founded in late 16th century it’s the country of the riches. With its inhabitants having large purchasing power, nearly double as compared to the rest of Mexico, the competitiveness is what fuels this city. Visit this city and experience a showbiz it has to offer which assures to leave a glare in your eyes. Just when this city makes you a little more ambitious, the humongous mountains on the outskirts will mesmerize you with its scenic views, washing away all the pretension. To add more to the serene touch of the otherwise cosmopolitan city, it has a large variety of forest areas and national parks, most famous being La Estanzuela state park, which is about 7km south of the city. Other must visit location is the Garcia Caves which were discovered way back in mid-19th century featuring an astounding display of snail fossils. After this, head straight to the bewildering waterfalls called Cascade Cola de Caballo, which showcases great display of artistic rock formations which will get all your appreciation and praise for the city.



This south-eastern city of Mexico is the last city which made it to our list of top 5, primarily because of its reassuring atmosphere and a variety of fancy resorts which makes it a to-go location for the travelers from across the world. The city sits on the Caribbean Sea and forms the eastern tip of the country. It has been profoundly called “The Resort Capital” of Mexico owing to the pompous display of luxurious resorts perfect for a nice spring-time getaway. But even if luxury and fancy are not what pleases you, you can head straight into the city to experience the simplicity of the people and observe their routines. The prices in the city are light on the pocket which makes exploring even more fun. Visit this city to satisfy your appetite for more.

After visiting these incredible cities, if you are still left with time on your hands and money in your pockets then you can head towards Morelia: The pink city of Mexico, Monterrey: America of Mexico, Puebla: City surrounded by four volcanoes (few hours from the capital), Cancun: For spa, fishing and diving. If you have time even then, which is very unlikely, then utilize it to plan your next trip. A more time-friendly this time. ;p

 So, if you are a socializer who’d like a sophisticated bistro, a family guy who’d enjoy the serene beaches, a history geek who enjoys studying monuments and archaeological sites, or just another big foodie who had taken a break from the hustle-bustle of life to loosen up a little, Mexico is the place which ensures to give you memories for life and a place where all the sesame seeds on your McDonald’s buns are grown. : )

About the Author

I am an Electronics and Communication engineer from BIT MESRA, Ranchi and was born and raised in Jaipur. I have always been eager to express myself, irrespective of the medium but writing is most loved of all.  Under the skin, I am more of an orator, writer, actor, organizer than a to-be engineer. Being a firm believer of exploration, I enjoy trying out new, offbeat things, right from my food to the places I travel and the opportunities I grab. Besides writing, my hobbies include coming up with ideas to redo, already done things, differently and doing them, of course. The two questions which play a vital part in giving meaning to my life is asking ‘why?’ to others and ‘why not?’ to myself. Apart from that, I am just another guy that you see around.

Why the hell Tralgy is doing this?

Are we doing business in the right industry at the right time?

Travel industry is now considered as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The industry generates $7.6 trillion contributing to 10.2% of the world’s GDP according to world travel organization and it is expected to double over the next 10 years.

Talking about travel trends, there is a big shift in consumer behavior from what it was a few years back. A traveller today has multiple options ranging from individual transport service providers to comparison portals that give you hotels, transports and packages list. Now, people don’t have to wait in long queues to book a train ticket. They can do it in less than a minute from the comfort of their home.

How is Talgy helping the travel industry?

Even after going online, there are still many people who depend on travel agents to take care of their travel plans. The agent takes 2-3 days, makes 100 phone calls and sends 50 emails to get the trip confirmed.

Still now DMC’s around the world are continuously looking for new travel agents who can buy their products and services. After spending so much money on events, they simply get a business card and they have to continuously run behind the travel agents to sell their products. Currently, there is no single platform that makes this work easier. Tralgy firmly believes that their platform would save lot of money for DMC’s, connect them with travel agents across the world and solve all their problems. We also ensure that all the listed travel agents are genuine. We want to ease business, develop trust & transparency and we want to empower the travel agents with technology so that they can sell anytime from anywhere and to anyone without too much manual work and investment.

Tralgy enable the travel agents with Information Technology and promotes Digital Tourism. Now with the help of Tralgy’s intelligent software, the travel agent finalizes a trip (sending itineraries, invoices, SMS, payment reminders) for the customer in just 60 seconds.

Tralgy has already helped 1500+ travel agents easily plan 300 crores worth itineraries. Soon, we are going to launch an exclusive B2B platform for travel agents – the first of its kind in the world. With our new product, travel agents or DMC’s can BUY and SELL any travel-related product/services across the globe with a few clicks and the agents can earn more profit from the comforts of their home.

To sum up, Tralgy is a marketplace where buyers feel “HAPPY TO BUY” and seller feel “JOY TO SELL”.

Frequently asked questions by sellers?

1. What is TRALGY B2B Marketplace for holiday package?

It is a travel marketplace where any travel agent or DMC can BUY and SELL any travel-related product/services to another travel agent across the globe.

2. What travel product or services can I sell from Tralgy Platform?

In its first release only tour packages would be available but in future releases, any product or service related to Travel industry – Tour, Packages, Hotel, Transportation, Flights would be available on Tralgy. You can also book activities, buy a visa, international SIM card, travel insurance.

3. I was approached by similar platforms, how are you different?

Please do not compare oranges with apple. Traly is the first and only B2B marketplace of its kind. Tralgy neither provides leads nor the enquiries. Also as a seller, you do not have to send packages, do follow-ups, customize or resend the itinerary. We will do everything for you – marketing, follow-ups, and sales. Then, we provide direct booking to you that too after the payment is made by the buyer. Just post the packages in Tralgy and we will take care of the rest.

4. Will I be getting any leads? How certain is it to convert them?

No.Tralgy neither provides leads nor the enquiries.

5. Are you like TravelTriangle?

What is that?

6. Who is going to buy the packages on your platform?

Since it is B2B marketplace only the travel agents can buy the packages.

7. Are there any charges involved to be a seller?

Nothing “good” comes for free in this world. We do have annual maintenance charges along with some profit sharing. Each package you sell through us, we expect a small share of profit from you.

8. Why should I share my profit with you?

Since Tralgy does marketing, advertising, sales, and technology for you, we expect you to share your profit with us. That’s simple. Right? This way we do not put an extra burden on Buyer and he feels “HAPPY TO BUY, BUY MORE AND BUY AGAIN”.

9. I cannot pay the annual maintenance charges but ready to share the profits. Can that work?

Sorry, it is not possible. Don’t think about the investment but returns. We assure that your investment with us will give you 2X benefits.

10. I get good returns if I spend money on travel events. Why should I pay AMC for a new product?

If you are able to buy a stall in a travel event lesser than our AMC cost then please let us know and we will waive off the AMC for you. We bet it is not possible.

11. Why our company name won’t be displayed?

Because Tralgy does not generate leads or enquiries but gives you direct booking. If we display your company name along with your packages then it is possible that the buyer may contact you offline. And then instead of direct booking, you just get another lead and the whole lead cycle repeats from lead, customizing packages, hotels, costing, follow-ups, cost restructuring, resending, again follow-up and finally you hear “sirji, aapka cost jyada tha aur wo customer chala gaya…”

12. How many packages can we publish on Tralgy?

UNLIMITED as of now. Please note that this is only a pre-launch offer. After the launch, we are going to limit the number of destinations for each seller.

13. Who will collect the payment from buyers?

The buyer makes the payment to Tralgy and then the Buyer will be introduced to the seller. The sellers can set their own terms for rest of the payment and buyer is bound to abide by Seller’s terms and conditions.

14. What will happen if I cancel the tour after booking the tour but before starting the tour?

A seller cannot cancel the tour after it is booked and accepted by them. Each seller must fulfill all the promises made with the itinerary.

When a buyer makes a payment to Tralgy, we contact the seller and it is on seller’s discretion to accept the deal and give the package or the seller can deny the request with a valid reason. Then, Tralgy will immediately let the buyer know about this and they mutually manage this situation. However, Seller has the “POWER OF DENY” to any service to any buyer even after the initial payment is made by the buyer (For example: Seller may not like the ratings of a buyer). But Seller cannot deny any service after he accepts the deal.

15. What criteria’s do I have to fulfil to be a Seller on Tralgy?

To be a Seller on Tralgy you must be a DMC or Travel agent and you,

    • Must be a registered entity with the government of the respective country.
    • Must have minimum 2 years of operation.
    • Must file tax returns with the respective government.
    • Should have your own setup of hotels.
    • Should have your own setup of transportation.
    • Should be ready to make/design itinerary and update it regularly with cost.
    • Should be ready for healthy competition.
    • Should be ready to work on profit sharing and not on markup or top-up profit.
16. What criteria’s do I have to fulfil to be a Buyer at Tralgy?

To be a Buyer on Tralgy you must be a Travel agent and:

    • Must be a registered entity with the government of the respective country.
    • Must have a website, verified email-id and mobile number.

Frequently asked questions by buyers?

1. What is TRALGY B2B Marketplace?

It is a travel marketplace where any travel agent or DMC can BUY and/or SELL any travel-related product or service to another travel agent across the globe.

2. What travel product or service I can buy from Tralgy Platform?

In its first release only tour packages would be available but in future releases, any product or service related to Travel industry – Tour, Package, Hotel, Transportation, Flight would also be available on Tralgy. You can also buy a activity, a visa, international SIM card, travel insurance and more.

3. I do B2C and B2B both. Should I register as Buyer or Seller?

Any travel agent can join Tralgy as a buyer or seller or both. For example if you buy the packages from any supplier (for your B2C customers) then you should become a buyer on tralgy. And if you are an expert for a few destinations with your own setup of the hotel, transportation at best cost then you can also join Tralgy as a seller for those destinations.

4. What if my customer’s enquiry doesn’t match with packages listed on your platform?

It is not possible to happen. Even though if it happens BUYER have the power to design or customize the itinerary and the same would be sent to Sellers for that destination and buyer can get the cost from the sellers. Note that this feature of customization by buyer would not be available in the first release.

5. Do I need to pay to be a Buyer?

No. Anyone with a genuine email Id, mobile number, and a website can register for free in Tralgy.

6. How genuine are the sellers at your platform?

It is Tralgy’s PROMISE that all the sellers on Tralgy are authentic, genuine and active. We enroll seller only if they have minimum 2 years of experience in operations, must be a registered company, must be filing tax in their respective country (Must have GST in India), must have their own setup of hotels and transportations and must have a website. Also each buyer must provide the ratings to each seller after availing the service so that a buyer can have the option to choose the service of best-rated sellers.

7. How can I complain with regards to the services provided by the seller?

You can provide rating and review to each seller after availing the services. Also, you have a “report” button for each seller and you can lodge a complaint online, Tralgy would take care of your complaint with utmost priority.

8. How will be the packages priced?

Tralgy does not interfere with the cost or pricing and sellers are free to set any price for any products. But Tralgy would provide the cost analytics, trends, and behavior of the buyers to the seller about their costing and try to maintain a healthy competition among the sellers so that buyers are ‘HAPPY TO BUY”.

9. Can I edit the package before sending it to my customers?

Yes, you do it with the power of Tralgy. But please note that this feature of customization would not be available in the first release. In current release, buyer can add markup before sending to cutomers.

10. What are the destinations that will be available for me to select and buy?

Tralgy’s target is to create a marketplace where the buyer feels “HAPPY TO BUY” and sellers feel “JOY TO SELL” and we do understand that without enough destinations this would not be possible. By March 2018, Tralgy would be able to have all the available destinations in the world. We would also try that the first itinerary to Mars is also made availale on the Tralgy.

11. Can I put across my Terms & Conditions to buy?


12. What will happen if I cancel the tour after booking the tour but before starting the tour?

In this case, terms and conditions along with the cancellation policy of Seller would apply.

13. What criteria’s do I have to follow to be a Seller at Tralgy?

To be a Seller on Tralgy you must be a DMC’s or Travel agent and you

    • Must be a registered entity with the respective government of the respective country.
    • Must have minimum 2 years of operation.
    • Must file tax returns with the respective government.
    • Should have own setup of hotels.
    • Should have own setup of transportation.
    • Should be ready to make/design itinerary and update it regularly with cost.
    • Should be ready for healthy competition.
    • Should be ready to work on profit sharing and not on markup or top-up profit.

5 best places to visit in Indonesia

Gili Islands, Lombok

A property gifted with neat white beaches, mesmerising water fountains on tranquil islands, quasi-active volcanoes, effervescent tribes and their cultural ethos. There are lots of fairyland areas in Indonesia, and collectively they provide a mixture of outlandish island miracles and extreme adventures with lots of wildlife experiences.

Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua

Fringed by white sand beaches and blue water, the complex of three small and isolated islands namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air conveys exceptional scenic appeal.Besides adventure sports such as snorkeling, diving and surfing, go island hopping, fishing and touring in glass-bottom ships. Else, just chill out at a beachside cafe or shack.

Maluk Beach, Sumbawa Island

The awe-inspiring background of steep, forested islands, sizzling shores, and marshy lagoons, small atolls appearing like mushrooms and shining turquoise water leaves the place a perfect joy for travelers. The region is full of marine flora and fauna diversity including rare species of corals.Its great for Snorkelling, underwater diving, kayaking and relishing nature.

Kelimutu Lake, Nusa Tenggara Timur

With changing colors of sun rays, the waves also seem vibrant and magical in kelimutu lake. Sunbathing and wave surfing are typical activities here. Traveller can also go to the Malu Turtle Conservation Center located nearby. Though situated on the identical volcanic summit, three lakes show three distinct colors — red, white and blue. Go for hiking and exploring the gorgeous landscapes and lake wonders.

Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi

Bunaken Sea Park is full of underwater flora and fauna. You can see a number of endangered and exotic fish species within the crystal clear water over here, and that;s why the area is always high on tourists and travellers. Snorkeling and diving are the best ways to checkout the most exciting marine creatures of the Bunaken Sea Park.

Top 5 Cities to visit in Malaysia

Even though a majority of Southeast Asia’s traffic flock to Thailand, but lots of tourists don’t understand where to go in Malaysia. Perhaps that is why Malaysia does not appear to get as much focus as Thailand. Long-term budget travelers frequently shun Malaysia as being ‘too expensive’ while short-term vacationers in Southeast Asia bypass Malaysia for lack of time.

Whether you want to hit the beach, jungle, city or tea plantations, malaysia is the place to go.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur possess a mixture of Malay, Chinese, and Indian influence signifies you won’t have any lack of culinary pops in Malaysia’s capital city.


The colonial town of Georgetown has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has lots to offer in the way of museums, a fort, historical houses, and above all, famous food. Penang is thought to be among the greatest areas in Southeast Asia to sample amazing street food of all sorts.

Perhentian Island

Backpackers and budget travellers adore Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands, notably Perhentian Kecil — the smaller of those 2 islands — where nice sand and outstanding snorkeling/diving fill out the afternoon before celebrations begin at nighttime.

Malaysian Borneo

From  orangutans which are now an endangered species to rainforest canopy walks along with a few of the best diving in the world, Malaysian Borneo must not be ignored in your trip to Malaysia.


Spelled locally as ‘Melaka’, Malaysia’s Peranakan town is a rewarding stop for ethnic, historic, and colonial magic. UNESCO even announced Malacca  a World Heritage Site in 2008.

6 Places to visit in Singapore

Merlion Park

The Merlion is an iconic landmark of Singapore. The Merlion that’s a mythical monster with the head of a lion and the body of a fish is in a lot of ways the personification of the soul of Singapore and its own history.

Botanic Gardens

The garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a favorite place of tourists and locals alike.They possess 82-hectare backyard that houses about 1,200 species of Orchids and approximately 2,000 hybrids.

The Singapore Flyer

It’s a fantastic way to begin since you can see the town in the height. The flyer in 165 Metres is assumed to be the world’s largest observation wheel

Sentosa Island

The Sentosa island has several calm beaches, theme parks, parks, dining and shopping options all in a carnival type of setting. A complete day could be spent together with the whole family, bonding within a few fascinating pursuits.

The Gardens By The Bay

It’s a park which encircles an area of approximately 250 acres of reclaimed land around the shore of Singapore. It’s located near the Marina Reservoir. The gardens have distinct landscaping topics in distinct areas, such as, tropical woods, the Orchid that is Singapore’s national flower, etc..

Universal Studio

The area to bring to life all of your movie dreams to real life, as you ride a roller coaster of immersive and bigger than life adventures in its various zones like Hollywood, Sci-Fi, Lost World, Ancient Egypt etc…

Top 5 cities to visit in Thailand!


Bagkok is a cosmopolitan town with a lively nightlife and tons of vibrancy to keep you amused throughout the day. Places to visit includes the Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw, a complex of temples built in 1782. The Damnoen Saduak, or Floating Market, is just another interesting attraction.


Phuket is known for its beaches worldwide, Apart from that it is also popular for its vibrant nightlife,tons of drinking bars, cabaret shows and songs.


Pattaya is notoriously famous for its bars . The beach in Pattaya isn’t quite as impressive as the ones from the southwest, but it is still worth a trip. The city is also home to a distinctive attractions, like the Bottle Art Museum, the Pattaya Floating Market & Mini Siam.


Krabi have few of the very impressive seaside shore in Thailand. The Phi Phi islands and attract snorkelers, scuba divers, boaters and kayakers. Krabi has big coral reefs and fantastic water which makes it a fantastic destination for all types of water sports.



You cant miss Kanchanburi, The “Death Railway” was constructed here by prisoners of war under Japanese leadership through World War II. Now, its a major attraction to the visitors who can cross over the bridge, go to abandoned trains and half-built railroad tracks.