1. What is TRALGY B2B Market Place?

It is a travel marketplace where any travel agent or DMC can BUY and SELL any travel-related product/services to another travel agent across the globe.

2. What travel product or services can I sell from Tralgy Platform?

In its first release only tour packages would be available but in future releases, any product or service related to Travel industry - Tour, Packages, Hotel, Transportation, Flights would be available on Tralgy. You can also book activities, buy a visa, international SIM card, travel insurance.

3. I was approached by similar platforms, how are you different?

Please do not compare oranges with apple. Traly is the first and only B2B marketplace of its kind. Tralgy neither provides leads nor the enquiries. Also as a seller, you do not have to send packages, do follow-ups, customize or resend the itinerary. We will do everything for you - marketing, follow-ups, and sales. Then, we provide direct booking to you that too after the payment is made by the buyer. Just post the packages in Tralgy and we will take care of the rest.

4. Will I be getting any leads? How certain is it to convert them?

No.Tralgy neither provides leads nor the enquiries.

5. Are you like TravelTriangle?

What is that?

6. Who is going to buy the packages on your platform?

Since it is B2B marketplace only the travel agents can buy the packages.

7. Are there any charges involved to be a seller?

Nothing "good" comes for free in this world. We do have annual maintenance charges along with some profit sharing. Each package you sell through us, we expect a small share of profit from you.

8. Why should I share my profit with you?

Since Tralgy does marketing, advertising, sales, and technology for you, we expect you to share your profit with us. That’s simple. Right? This way we do not put an extra burden on Buyer and he feels “HAPPY TO BUY, BUY MORE AND BUY AGAIN”.

9. I cannot pay the annual maintenance charges but ready to share the profits. Can that work?

Sorry, it is not possible. Don’t think about the investment but returns. We assure that your investment with us will give you 2X benefits.

10. I get good returns if I spend money on travel events. Why should I pay AMC for a new product?

If you are able to buy a stall in a travel event lesser than our AMC cost then please let us know and we will waive off the AMC for you. We bet it is not possible.

11. Why our company name won’t be displayed?

Because Tralgy does not generate leads or enquiries but gives you direct booking. If we display your company name along with your packages then it is possible that the buyer may contact you offline. And then instead of direct booking, you just get another lead and the whole lead cycle repeats from lead, customizing packages, hotels, costing, follow-ups, cost restructuring, resending, again follow-up and finally you hear "sirji, aapka cost jyada tha aur wo customer chala gaya…”

12. How many packages can we publish on Tralgy?

UNLIMITED as of now. Please note that this is only a pre-launch offer. After the launch, we are going to limit the number of destinations for each seller.

13. Who will collect the payment from buyers?

The buyer makes the payment to Tralgy and then the Buyer will be introduced to the seller. The sellers can set their own terms for rest of the payment and buyer is bound to abide by Seller’s terms and conditions.

14. What will happen if I cancel the tour after booking the tour but before starting the tour?

A seller cannot cancel the tour after it is booked and accepted by them. Each seller must fulfill all the promises made with the itinerary.

When a buyer makes a payment to Tralgy, we contact the seller and it is on seller’s discretion to accept the deal and give the package or the seller can deny the request with a valid reason. Then, Tralgy will immediately let the buyer know about this and they mutually manage this situation. However, Seller has the “POWER OF DENY” to any service to any buyer even after the initial payment is made by the buyer (For example: Seller may not like the ratings of a buyer). But Seller cannot deny any service after he accepts the deal.

15. What criteria’s do I have to fulfil to be a Seller on Tralgy?

To be a Seller on Tralgy you must be a DMC or Travel agent and you,

    • Must be a registered entity with the government of the respective country.
    • Must have minimum 2 years of operation.
    • Must file tax returns with the respective government.
    • Should have your own setup of hotels.
    • Should have your own setup of transportation.
    • Should be ready to make/design itinerary and update it regularly with cost.
    • Should be ready for healthy competition.
    • Should be ready to work on profit sharing and not on markup or top-up profit.
16. What criteria’s do I have to fulfil to be a Buyer at Tralgy?

To be a Buyer on Tralgy you must be a Travel agent and:

    • Must be a registered entity with the government of the respective country.
    • Must have a website, verified email-id and mobile number.