1. What is TRALGY B2B Marketplace?

It is a travel marketplace where any travel agent or DMC can BUY and/or SELL any travel-related product or service to another travel agent across the globe.

2. What travel product or service I can buy from Tralgy Platform?

In its first release only tour packages would be available but in future releases, any product or service related to Travel industry - Tour, Package, Hotel, Transportation, Flight would also be available on Tralgy. You can also buy a activity, a visa, international SIM card, travel insurance and more.

3. I do B2C and B2B both. Should I register as Buyer or Seller?

Any travel agent can join Tralgy as a buyer or seller or both. For example if you buy the packages from any supplier (for your B2C customers) then you should become a buyer on tralgy. And if you are an expert for a few destinations with your own setup of the hotel, transportation at best cost then you can also join Tralgy as a seller for those destinations.

4. What if my customer’s enquiry doesn’t match with packages listed on your platform?

It is not possible to happen. Even though if it happens BUYER have the power to design or customize the itinerary and the same would be sent to Sellers for that destination and buyer can get the cost from the sellers. Note that this feature of customization by buyer would not be available in the first release.

5. Do I need to pay to be a Buyer?

No. Anyone with a genuine email Id, mobile number, and a website can register for free in Tralgy.

6. How genuine are the sellers at your platform?

It is Tralgy’s PROMISE that all the sellers on Tralgy are authentic, genuine and active. We enroll seller only if they have minimum 2 years of experience in operations, must be a registered company, must be filing tax in their respective country (Must have GST in India), must have their own setup of hotels and transportations and must have a website. Also each buyer must provide the ratings to each seller after availing the service so that a buyer can have the option to choose the service of best-rated sellers.

7. How can I complain with regards to the services provided by the seller?

You can provide rating and review to each seller after availing the services. Also, you have a “report” button for each seller and you can lodge a complaint online, Tralgy would take care of your complaint with utmost priority.

8. How will be the packages priced?

Tralgy does not interfere with the cost or pricing and sellers are free to set any price for any products. But Tralgy would provide the cost analytics, trends, and behavior of the buyers to the seller about their costing and try to maintain a healthy competition among the sellers so that buyers are ‘HAPPY TO BUY”.

9. Can I edit the package before sending it to my customers?

Yes, you do it with the power of Tralgy. But please note that this feature of customization would not be available in the first release. In current release, buyer can add markup before sending to cutomers.

10. What are the destinations that will be available for me to select and buy?

Tralgy’s target is to create a marketplace where the buyer feels “HAPPY TO BUY” and sellers feel “JOY TO SELL” and we do understand that without enough destinations this would not be possible. By March 2018, Tralgy would be able to have all the available destinations in the world. We would also try that the first itinerary to Mars is also made availale on the Tralgy.

11. Can I put across my Terms & Conditions to buy?


12. What will happen if I cancel the tour after booking the tour but before starting the tour?

In this case, terms and conditions along with the cancellation policy of Seller would apply.

13. What criteria’s do I have to follow to be a Seller at Tralgy?

To be a Seller on Tralgy you must be a DMC’s or Travel agent and you

    • Must be a registered entity with the respective government of the respective country.
    • Must have minimum 2 years of operation.
    • Must file tax returns with the respective government.
    • Should have own setup of hotels.
    • Should have own setup of transportation.
    • Should be ready to make/design itinerary and update it regularly with cost.
    • Should be ready for healthy competition.
    • Should be ready to work on profit sharing and not on markup or top-up profit.